Deixo em anexo uma tradução (para inglês) de um artigo, por Karl Sezal ("Guru em segurança" na DHV), com uma análise à SuSi publicado na DHV-Info #184 (novembro 2013)

A Nova deixa uma pequena nota

NOVA Escreveu:Nova Presentation for the launch of SUSI

Many pilots primarily view paragliding as a sport: the motto is further, faster higher. There is another group of pilots who do not care about sporting performance. They just want the occasionally feel the exhilarating feeling of flight. They want their daily troubles to stay on the ground as they fly off. They use their paraglider to experience flight in its purest form - soaring in laminar winds, gentle thermals or simply a relaxed top-to-bottom. "We manufacturers have ignored this group in the past." says Hannes Papesh. "We are trapped in our world and only think of performance. Only the DHV has beaten the drum for occasional pilots. When we developed the SuSi, our priority was not performance, but instead we concentrated on safety, easy launch, flight and landing characteristics. It is all about enjoying the experience of flight in a
completely relaxed manner.“

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